Ketil Olav Sand
Kragsgt. 13
N-4950 Risør
+47 92056515

Photo Workshops:
2007: Morten Krogvold, Venezia
2011: Anders Petersen, Risør
2013: Knut Koivisto, "Fotografiska", Stockholm
2015: Knut Koivisto, "Fotografiska", Stockholm

2009: Galleri Villvin, Risør, separatutstilling.
2011: Galleri Knollen, Fredrikstad, separatutstilling.
2011: "Rom mellom rom", Risør Kunstpark, sammen fotograf Liv Øvland
2012: Risør Kunstpark, Kulturnatta, gruppeutstilling.
2013: Risør Kunstpark, Prosjektrommet, separatutstilling.
2014: Risør Kunstpark, separatustilling 1/11 til 21/12.
2015: Risør Kunstpark, Prosjektrommet. Gr. utst. "Risør f/5,6" 9.juli - 30. august.
2016: "BOKstaveligTALT", Festivalutstilling/Festivalfotograf, Gjeving 6. - 8. mai.
2017: "Estám aqui", separatutstilling Risør Kunstpark, 21. oktober - 26. november.

2016: "Aust Agder Fylke's Kulturstipend 2016"
2017: "Risør Kommunes Prosjektstipend 2017"

I use several digital cameras. Both dslr's and point and shoot.

Shooting with my homemade Pinhole Cameras make me visualize better. The slow work inspires me and sharpens my mind. It is all about concentration. Always.
Mostly 4x5" sheet film, but also 120-film adapters for 6x6cm, 6x8, 6x9 and 6x12 in cameras of 50mm to 150mm focal length.

I just started test shooting with my plywood pinhole camera for 8x10" film. Big as a pig, heavy as a chevy. But it makes negatives! So far I use Shanghai GP3 100 ASA. Turning my Jobo 3005 exspert is a joy, but filling and emtying soups are a bit cumbersome on my little studio zink. I would prefer stand developing, but no suitable gear for that. The negatives come out just fine, now I can concentrate on visualization and composing.

I load my film holders and developing tanks in a film changing tent. The negatives are scanned on an Epson V750 and processed digitally. My photos are printed on Epson Stylus Pro 3880.